Überarbeitung des Transport-Arbeitsprogramms 2019

Im EU-Arbeitsprogramm Transport sind für 2019 Änderungen und ein neues Topic für den maritimen Bereich vorgesehen.

NEW TOPIC : LC-MG-1-11-2019: Structuring R&I to achieve zero emission waterborne transport

"Scope: To address these challenges, proposals should cover all the following activities:“ New topic: CSA, budget 1 M€ 

MG-1-8-2019: Retrofit solutions and next generation propulsion for waterborne transport - Correction of typos

"The Commission considers that proposals requesting a budget from the EU of between EUR 4 to 8 million each for Subtopic A and between EUR 3 to 5 million each for Subtopic B, would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. "

Budget switch (correction): IA = 15 M€ and RIA = 8 M€ (Previously RIA 15M€ and IA 8M€)

MG-2-6-2019: Moving freight by Water: Sustainable Infrastructure and Innovative Vessels - Clarifications in the scope section.

Scope: Proposals should focus on either on area a) inland waterways or on area b) maritime transport. Proposals should clearly indicate which area they are covering.

To tackle address this challenge, proposals should address the first bullet point (if they focus on the for Maritime transport area), or the fourth bullet point (if they focus on the for Inland Waterway Transport area), and in totalat least four five bullet points set out below others of the following aspects. Proposals should clearly indicate which area they are addressing: